Song List


“Green River Soul” 

“Green River Sound” 

“Chunk & Me 

“Kentucky Sky” 

“Small Town Boy” 

“Miserable Life” 

“Don’t Worry About Me” 

“Burley Mine” 

“Everything I Need” 

“God Only Knows” 

“Old Man” 

“Rio Verde Wiseman” 

“You Don’t Wanna Know Me” 

“Ain’t No Honey” 

“That Someone I Never Knew” 

“9 to 5 Working Man” 

“Dunbar Daze” 

“Miller and Jim” 

“Dead End Legacy” 

“Can’t Keep a Poor Man Down” 

“Bluegills and Bumbleebees” 

“Turnips Don’t Bleed” 

“Mayonaise Sandwhich” 

“The Ferry” 

“Little Blue Springs” 

“Smart Ass Kid” 

“Burley Mine” 

“It’s Who You Are” 

“Mattress Pads” 

“Life for a Poorboy” 

“Pickle Jar” 

“Heart of Hart County” 

“I Aint Worried (about a punk like you)”